How To Send Email From Facebook And To Facebook?

Heard of Facebook Mail but not yet tried it? Try it out now after reading below things.

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Now, you can send the message or mail to people on Facebook, and to people NOT on Facebook. You can enter a friend’s email address into the “To:” field when you send a message or while sharing an album,video or Links, and Facebook will email them the message.

FB mail

If the user is a Facebook user, he will receive the message in his Facebook account once he logs in. Otherwise he will receive it in his email id. Also the friend will be able to reply without signing up, if he is not in Facebook and they will be able to see content you shared with them.

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Key Points:
* Automatically Facebook will add any email addresses that you message to your ‘friend list’, so next time you don’t have to remember everyone’s email address.
* Also, if you message someone who is on Facebook but you use their email instead of their name, Facebook automatically forward the message to their Facebook Inbox.
* You can invite friends to events and groups through their email addresses, and they can RSVP without signing up for Facebook. However, unlike messages, they will have to sign up to get in on the discussion boards and Wall posts.

These changes mean that there’s no need to switch between Facebook and email for your daily communication needs.


Email to Facebook from other mailing application:

A way to send message to Facebook without signing up!

Facebook provides each user an “” email address that corresponds to the Facebook user name he chose for his profile. You can use his ‘Facebook email address’ to send a message to his Facebook inbox, even if you don’t use Facebook.

Find a persons user name and Facebook email address

Do a google search and find your friend’s Facebook screen name (say ‘abc’) if you don’t know it already. Visit his Facebook profile, Check the address bar “”

If  it looks like ‘’ he already have a Facebook username, if it looks like then he doesnt have not yet signed up for a Facebook username.

If he has created user name, copy – paste the screen name into the “To” field of a new email message. add “” after it ( This is your friends mail id in Facebook.

Give your email a subject and write the body of your email message. Send your email message. Done !!!

Mass Emailing from Facebook
Sending mass e-mails is possible which is easier and faster than sending separate e-mails to all of your Facebook friends.

Find the “Friends” link on the left side once you log in, click on it. When you’re taken to the next page, look for ‘Edit Friends’ then go For ‘Create Lists’. Create List is required if you’ve never created lists in Facebook and in order to send mass e-mails. Now click on the “Create a list” link, and name the list on the small pop-up box. Then add the friends you’d like to include in that list, save it

You can create multiple lists as you wish, so that you can mass e-mail certain groups of individuals, such as family, friends, clients or teammates.

After creating your lists, visit your ‘Messages’ section. You’ll see to the right a link which will allow you to “Send a New Message.” Clicking on it will allow you to e-mail a list or individual friends. Enter the list that you’d like to mass e-mail.

Add the subject and body. Add videos, links, or photos as required and send it !!


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